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A Start Event refers to a marker in BPMN, which means start of a process.



In BPMN, the event that influences the order or timing of the business process is classified into three types: Start, Intermediate, and End. Among these types, the start event shows the place where a process starts. In some cases, two or more start events exist in the same process level. When the end event is used, at least one start event is required.

In a sequence flow, flow of a process starts with a start event. The start event has no input sequence flow. In some cases, it is a target of a message flow and it has an input message. However, the start event cannot be the source of a message flow. In a word, it never has any output message.

The start event is drawn with a simple line circle. The cause of the event ("Trigger") is identified by the marker in the circle. The markers and triggers are shown in the following table.

Cause of the event (Trigger)ExplanationsMarker
None The type of the event is not shown. This is used for the sub-process that starts when the parent process is the Trigger of flow.image:Start event none.png
Message A message from parties concerned is the Trigger which makes a process start.image:Start event message.png
Timer A specific date or cycle (e.g., the 10th, every other Monday, etc.) is the Trigger which makes a process start.image:Start event timer.png
Conditional A conditional expression (e.g., the number of cumulative customers exceeds 100) is the Trigger when it is true (True). Usually, there are two sub-processes in the same parent process.image:Start event conditional.png
Signal A signal transmitted from other processes is the Trigger which makes a process start. In some cases, two or more processes start with the same signal.image:Start event signal.png
Multiple This shows that there are two or more Triggers, and one of them is needed to begin the process.image:Start event multiple.png


The Process Chart of a Publishing Firm (from Writing to Printing)
The Process Chart of a Publishing Firm (from Writing to Printing)

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