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Placed Information

Aug 7, 2013

Placed Article

Kyoto, Japan -- August 7, 2013 -- Questetra, Inc., the global SaaS provider of Business Process Management (BPM), today announced an agreement on a business and capital alliance with enterprise application integration software vender APPRESSO K.K., a subsidiary of SAISON INFORMATION SYSTEMS CO., LTD.. We will continue to contribute to operational efficiency improvement needs of the enterprise by strengthening the Joint development system for "DataSpider BPM suite", a BPM software with EAI function.


DataSpider BPM suite (EAI-BPM Software)

"DataSpider BPM suite", a BPM software with Data integration function, is a product which is combined "Questetra BPM Suite" a SaaS BPM of Questetra, and "DataSpider Servista", a EAI software of APPRESSO. It will allow processing the operations such as Decision making, Claim and Request, Drafting, Complaint handling, following the default procedure. Also you will be able to connect project data which has been entered, into the core system automatically, after processing and aggregating. In addition, you can configure the Business Process and Data Connection totally without programming, so that you can continue to change the Business system freely to match the changes in your business environment. DataSpider BPM suite is co-developed by Questetra and APPRESSO, and is sold by APPRESSO and their distributors.

May 21, 2010: DataSpider BPM suite version 1.0
Nov 30, 2010: DataSpider BPM suite version 1.1
Jun 6, 2011: DataSpider BPM suite version 1.2
May 29, 2012: DataSpider BPM suite version 2.0
Apr 4, 2013: DataSpider BPM suite version 2.1

Questetra BPM Suite(BPM Tool)

"Questetra BPM Suite" is a Cloud-based Workflow. You can build and adjust your Business Processing system by drag and drop placement of processing steps. It is standardly equipped Monitoring feature for business progress, Aggregating feature for performance, and Enterprise Social Networking feature for smooth communication, and it allows visualizing the full range of internal operations. You can start the Free Trial Edition in the same day.

DataSpider Servista (EAI Software)

DataSpider Servista is software that automates Data Connection Processing without programing. It allows to collect, to combine, and to convert 'Business data' which is scattered in various formats such as Excel files or DB system, by configuring the processing of data with Drag and Drop. It totally automatizes complicated operations such as for example, Synchronization of customer master data, or Aggregation of order information and stock information.

The Agreements of Capital Alliance

We, Questetra, Inc. have issued New Shares through a Third-Party Allotment to APPRESSO K.K., to strengthen the Joint development system for "DataSpider BPM suite". In addition in conjunction at the same period, we have issued New Shares through a Third-Party Allotment to Kyoto University Venture Fund I, L.P. which is existing shareholders of Questetra. By the issues above, we Questetra issued outstanding stock became 25000 shares, capital became 182.5 million JPY. And APPRESSO K.K. became the shareholder of Questetra, Inc. by 4.00%.

About Questetra

Questetra, Inc. is the enterprise cloud computing company in Kyoto Japan, founded in 2008. We optimize the world’s Business Processes. Visit

Corporate Name; Questetra, Inc.
Corporate Address; 206 Takamiya-cho Oike Bldg. 4f .Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto 604-0835, Japan
Business; Software development for corporate
Founded April 2008 Capital Stock \185,000,000

Contact Info

Questetra, Inc.
Customer Service
Hirotaka Nishi/Akiko Hattori

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