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Basic Policy Regarding Personally Identifiable Information

Q-BPM considers careful handling of acquired personally identifiable information as an important social responsibility. The basic policy regarding personally identifiable information on Q-BPM website is based on the policy of Questetra ("Questetra Ltd. Privacy Information").


When you watch Q-BPM website, we do not collect anything but information on the log etc. in the server, which is in general recorded when you only visit any websites. When you contribute to Q-BPM website, you publish everything you write and transmit. When you write an article, please make sure that you understand that it permanently remains. This includes written pages, user pages, and discussion pages.

Public Data

When you visit Q-BPM website, your personally identifiable information is not open to the public. When you write an article and publish it on Q-BPM website, that article is open to the public.

Public information about authors

When you publish an article on Q-BPM, there are two situations: logged in or not. When you are logged in, you are identified by your user name. If you like, you can use your real name as your user name. When you create an account or when you set up the preferences, you can enter your real name in a convenient way.

When you are not logged in, you are identified by network Internet Protocol (IP) address. This means that others might be able to specify from where you connect to Q-BPM. By combining information derived from the IP address and a variety of information that you write implicitly or explicitly while editing, others might precisely identify you.

Identifying you from IP address is sometimes difficult and sometimes easy. Therefore, we recommend that you should log in and publish with your user name if you are very cautious of your privacy.


Q-BPM sets a temporary session cookie (PHPSESSID) every time when you visit our website. Without it, you cannot log in although you can refuse it if you do not want to log in. This cookie is deleted when you terminate the browser session.

Other cookies are also set while you are logged in so that you can skip entering your user name, and password if you like, when you visit next time.

These cookies disappear in 30 days. If you use a shared computer and you do not want the next user to know your user name, please delete these cookies and the browser cache when you finish.


The password is the only thing that integrity of your editing history. It is advisable that you chose a password which is difficult to guess and that you never share it with others. You must not intentionally disclose others' passwords regardless whether it is direct or indirectly.

Information Security

Q-BPM website guarantees nothing in the case of an illegal access to information you offer, which anyone who has access privilege to the server can obtain.

Deletion of Accounts

We do not delete any accounts once created.

Deletion of Articles

Deletion of texts from Q-BPM website does not mean complete deletion.

Anyone is able to see the previous version in a usual item, and know what was there. When someone deletes an item, any user who has the administration authority can see the deleted content.

Those who have the administrator privilege can completely delete information from this website; however, it is not guaranteed that such a deletion is done except a response to a legal action.

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