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New Login ID Issue Process/Collective operation, New employee receipt in the beginning of period

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Collective issue of login IDs
Collective issue of login IDs

Process of issuing login IDs collectively for an information system in the cases such as new employee receipt in the beginning of period


Summary of Process Model

  • Issuing collectively a number of login IDs for an information system, e.g., at the time of receipt of new employees in April (in Japan).
  • Issuing based on the lists owned by the personnel department


People In Charge Of The Process (Participants)

  • Personnel department (group)
  • Manager of the personnel
  • Information systems

Process Owner

  • Manager of the personnel

Possible Risks

  • Identity theft: leakage of the employee list which is personally identifiable information
  • ID distribution delay: taking time for login ID distribution
  • Unauthorized use of an ID: login ID does not arrive at the recipient, and a third party illegally use it.


Input/output in each activity (visibility)
DataType Condition P1 Pa1 L1 I1 P2 P3 Pa2
ID list maker User type(UID)(NN)(RW)(R) (R) (R) (R) (R) (R)
ID list for collective issueFile type NN RW R R R R R R
List checker User type(UID)(NN)(R) (RW)(R) (R) (R) (R) (R)
Checker of list membersSingle-choice(OK/NG) NN R RW R R R R R
Remarks at checking list memberText area-R RW R R R R R
Approval for the issuing requestSingle-choice(OK/NG) NN R R RW R R R R
Remarks at the approval for the issuing requestText area - R R RW R R R R
Time of ID issue request by personnel departmentDate and time(NN)(R) (R) (RW)(R) (R) (R) (R)
Confirmation of issuing operationSingle-choice(OK/NG) NN R R R RW R R R
Remarks at issuing operationText area - R R R RW R R R
ID list (ID/default password)File type NN - - - RW R R -
Time of ID issue confirmed by personnel departmentDate and time(NN) - - - - (RW)(R) (R)
ID issue completed timeDate and time(NN) - - - - - (RW)(R)
Remarks at ID issue completedText area - - - - - - RW R
Confirmation time of ID receipt signatureDate and time(NN) - - - - - - (RW)
Remarks at confirming ID receipt signatureText area- - - - - - - RW
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