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Handing of a password
Handing of a password

Issuing accounts (IDs, passwords) for using PCs or networks in a company.



  • Account issuing/reissuing process in an organization running directory services (LDAP, ActiveDirectory, etc)
  • Depends on seasons, a number of (a hundred of/ a thousand of) setting is necessary.
  • Such as the cases in remote brunches, remote places, face-to-face authentications at the information system head office is often unrealistic.

Possible Risks

  • “Issuing by spoofing” of a malicious third party (involving identity theft)
  • “Wiretapping” by an internal person (involving identity theft)

People In Charge of the Process (Participants)

  • User:
  • service-desk (located):
  • information system section:

Process Owner

  • Person in charge of the information system account


There are two types of notification e-mail messages, that is, “new ID issue completed” or “Pw reset completed”. In each e-mail massage, the following contents would be included:

  • Necessary items to bring (the account, a piece of ID)
  • Contact with (Service Desk)
  • Date and time for receiving


Input/ Output in each activity (visibility)
Data TypeIndispensable p1 S1 P1 I1 i1 S2 I2
Applicant name string type (char) NN W W W R R R R
Account string type (char) NN W W W RW RW R R
StudentID/Staff ID string type (char) NN W W W RW R R R
Assignment string type (char) NN W W W RW R R R
Date of birth date type (date) NN W W W RW R R R
E-mail addresse-mail address type NN W W W RW R R R
Phone number phone number type NN W W W RW R R R
Reasons for application string type (char) NN W W W RW R R R
Confirmation flagsingle-choice (OK/NG) NN - - - RW R R R
Reasons for rejectionstring type (char) - - - - RW - - -
Passwordstring type (char) NN - - - - W R R
Notificationstring type (char)[default prepared] NN - - - - W R R
Remote Flagsingle-choice (normal/remote)NN - - - - RW R R
Reasons for remote correspondencesstring type (char) - - - - - RW - R
Remarks at handingstring type (char) - - - - - - W -
Remarks at remote correspondencesstring type (char) - - - - - - - W
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