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Human-Centric BPM refers to the management with a view to enhancing the efficiency of information transfer among the employees. The management targets normally include the input and output distributed to the employees within the business process in a company. It is also known as HC BPM or HC-BPM.


Overview of Human-Centric BPM

PDCA Cycle

PDCA refers to the methodology and way of thinking with regard to all activities by individuals and organizations in the sequences of:

  • Plan
  • Do
  • Check
  • Act

Which are repeated continuously. Nowadays, PDCA is introduced in a variety of management activities and has become the central point in the business process management.

HC BPM (Human-Centric Business Process Management) refers to the shared activities covering the following aspects with regard to the tasks carried out by humans:

  • Procedure definition
  • Format definition with regard to input data and output data (including decision and approval)
  • Measurement of handled transactions as the performance results
  • Definition with regard to who should be responsible for execution

The management activities cover the whole PDCA cycle. In another word, it refers to the practice of Management Cycle with regard to:

  1. Definition and sharing of (new) processes
  2. Business execution by following the defined process (process execution)
  3. Summarization of process results, the reasons for achieving or not achieving the results
  4. Business execution by following the revised process definition

With development of network related technologies such as Web application and E-mail application nowadays, you can correctly get hold of the progress status and transmission of data online regarding the jobs assigned to the employees and site management. Based on the Process Management System (BPM System), you can control and record the following issues:

  • To whom should this case be assigned?
  • Whose decision is necessary for this case?
  • If this case has not been solved as per the schedule, to which step has it been now and who should be responsible for it?

In addition, the system incorporating the graphic tool for Business Process and the analytic tool for performance results is referred to as BPM Suite. Though it is similar to the conventional workflow products in terms of the functionality, there is difference with regard to Contribution to PDCA Management Cycle (recording and analysis of performance results), and Correspondence to A Wide Variety of Business (complicated conditional settings such as dynamic control)

Purpose of HC-BPMS Introduction

In the first place, the following purposes are assumed:

  • Sharing of the company-wide processes (making the process model known / compiling the process in Manuals)
  • Promoting the repeatability of the business results (improving the transaction speed by referring to the past results)
  • Getting hold of the performance of each team member (referring to the assessment by HR department / promoting the teleworkers)
  • Reducing the occurrence risks of falsification (internal control)

Though they are basically the cyclic management activities, it is said to aim at continuously improving the process models. Therefore, it is closely related to the corporate competitive edge, its strengthening and adaptation to the corporate environment.

HC-BPM Suite Vendor

The companies listed below are the BPM Suite Vendors:

  • Questetra (Q-BPM Site Operator)
  • Appian
  • Lombardi Software
  • Pegasystems
  • Software AG
  • BEA Systems
  • Savvion
  • Canon
  • HandySoft
  • Graham Technology
  • Intalio
  • Metastorm
  • Ultimus
  • Fujitsu

※The companies above are listed randomly.

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