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BPM Suite is a group of software products that are used to manage business process. It not only implements functionalities for saving definitions of ways to execute the business (process models) but also provides the environment to process the business based on these definitions (IT Business Process Management Environment).


Overview of BPM Suite

BPM Suite is a group of software products that are utilized for "Business Process Management Activities" (BPM activities).

A group of software products including "a word processor, spreadsheet, and presentation tool" is sometimes called "Office Suite." Likewise, "BPM Suite" (Business Process Management Suite) also often consists of a number of software products, such as modeling software, execution environment software, and result analysis software.

In addition, "BPM Suite" is sometimes simply called "BPM System" (Business Process Management System). In most cases the difference between "Business Process Management System" and "Business Process Management Suite" is not significant, so they are usually called "BPMS."

Functionalities of BPMS

BPM Cycle
BPM Cycle
In addition to "a functionality to save definitions of ways to execute the business (process model)" and "an environment to analyze results of business process", many BPMS products provides "execution environment (Business Process Management Environment)" based on the definitions in order to support BPM activities executed iteratively and in circulative manner.

"Modifying information systems supporting business process (workflow) as soon as business process is changed" is considered as one of the ideal styles of BPM activities (Business Process Management Activities). However, costs for the change of execution environment vary depending on the performance of BPMS itself, management range of BPMS, flexibility of other collaborating systems, and so on.

Modeling Functionality
A functionality to define and save ways to execute the business (process model). It sometimes includes a functionality to simulate the number of processes executed for an amount of resources (manpower and equipments) invested.
Operating Functionality
This manages the start and end and input and output of processes. It is also called a process execution functionality. In many cases, this realize IT Business Process Management Environment.
Monitoring Functionality
This enables to grasp the status of business process and analyze the results. It sometimes includes BI.

In addition, an architecture in which the execution environment is changed based on the modification of process models is sometimes called "MDA (Model Driven Architecture)."

Taxonomy of BPMS

EAI stands for Enterprise Application Integration and means integrating multiple enterprise information systems so that they will collaborate organically. Middleware from BEA Systems, Sun Microsystems, and IBM is often used as software for implementing EAI.

BPMS is a group of software products that support Business Process Management Activities (BPM activities). Conceptually, there can be various types from ones focusing on control over multiple massive information systems to ones primarily used to grasp human tasks. Even though it is difficult to clearly distinguish them, they can be categorized as follows.

  • BPMS to manage and grasp the start and end and the input and output of tasks that are processed by corporate information systems (Integration-Centric BPM: in EAI area)
  • BPMS to grasp the start and end and the input and output of human tasks (Human-Centric BPM: in workflow area)

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