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Information about employees' days off is to be shared in the whole section. Also, the unit needs such information so that it can supervise the number of days off. Therefore, a leader's certain confirmation or a Business Process which allows administration of the whole company, has come to be necessary. Also, an expected Business Process shortens the approval time, considering that an administrator's real-time confirmations is unnecessary.



  1. An employee fulfills a leave request form.
  2. The employee submits the form to the leader of her/his division.
  3. The leader confirms the form.
  4. The person in charge of application confirms the request result.
  5. The leader submits it to the administrator of the applicant's division.
  6. The administrator confirms the submitted leave request.
  7. The administrator submits it to the personnel department.
  8. The personnel department registers the leave request to an in-house system.

People In Charge Of The Process (Participants)

  • Arbitrary section (
  • Administrator (
  • Leader (
  • Applicant (
  • Personnel department (

The leader sees how applicant's work progresses and s/he adjusts duties etc. The administrator is in charge of personnel management, as well as the number of applications during year, etc.

Process Owner

  • Personnel department (

A leave request should be the same business process in all sections. It is very likely that request results are administered all together. Therefore, a united Business Process based on general management is necessary, and the personnel department is expected to be the Process Owner.



  • Simplicity of application route
    Because the application route is very simple, usability is high.
  • Speedup of application approval
    A leader's approval to applications shortens the route up to completion of application approval, and the time from application to approval completion is expected to be shortened.


  • Management after application rejection
    When a request is rejected, the applicant does it over, and there is no way to know whether the application is made again. Even when the administrator rejects a leave request, the leader has no way to know it.
  • Authority to reject applications
    The administrator cannot cancel any requests.
  • Impossibility of request cancellation
    Because an application once made is supposed to be always operated, the application cannot be canceled.

Timing for Application

  • Timing for a leave request

The timing for application depends on the working regulation in each enterprise. Labor Standards Law does not precise how many days earlier an application should be submitted. However, it is assumed that an application on that day cannot be accepted because it is possible that the application will be rejected, and that an applicant submits the schedule several days earlier.

  • Rejection of a leave request

A worker basically has the right to take vacation any time. However, in the case when letting a worker take paid vacation may disturb regular management of the business, it can be given to the worker at another time.

Diagram Example


Input/output in each activity (visibility)
Data Type Necessity PS1 LS1 MS1 PS2 PN1
Applicant name User(UID) NN (W) (R) (R) (R) (R)
Applicant's division Group(GID) NN (W) (R) (R) (R) (R)
Leader name User(UID) NN (R) (W) (R) (R) (R)
Leader's division Group(GID) NN (R) (W) (R) (R) (R)
Administrator name User(UID) NN (R) (R) (W) (R) (R)
Administrator's division Group(GID) NN (R) (R) (W) (R) (R)
1st day Date(date) NN RW R R R R
Last day Date(date) NN RW R R R R
Total days Integer(int) NN RW R R R R
Reasons for leave request character string(char) NN RW R R R R
Application date Date and time(date) NN (RW) (R) (R) (R) (R)
Date of application confirmation(Leader) Date and time(date) NN (R) (RW) (R) (R) (R)
State of application confirmation(Leader)Single-choice(Permitted/Rejected) NN R RW R R R
Remarks(Leader) character string(char) - R RW R R R
Date of application confirmation(Administrator)Date and time(date)   NN - - (RW) - (R)
State of application confirmation(Administrator)Single-choice(confirmed/unconfirmed) NN - - RW - R
Remarks(Administrator) character string(char) - - - RW - R
Application date Date and time(date)   NN - - - - (W)

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