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AISAS is a process model of cousumers' purchasing activities in the Internet age.


Overview of AISAS

AISAS is a model of consumers' purchasing processes and takes contemporary Internet usage into consideration. The process is as follows.

  1. Attention
  2. Interest
  3. Search
  4. Action (Action, Purchase)
  5. Share (Information Sharing)

Consumers follow the process described here to decide the purchase. First, they become aware of products (Attention), get interested (Interest), search the relevant information by means of the Internet (Search), buy products (Action), and transmit reviews via the Internet after actially using the products (Share).

AISAS is proposed by Japanese advertisement agencies, including Dentsu, as a counterpart of AIDMA.

Problems in AISAS

Some people are skeptical about AISAS.

The typical criticism is the one concerning Share (Information Sharing). Some people say, "Many consumers use information obtained via reviews or word of mouth for purchasing activities, but there are not so many people that actually transmit information as word of mouth or reviews." In addition, sometimes the order of Attention and Interest is also viewed with suspicion.

However, consumers' purchasing activities nowadays are considered to be much different from the ones in the past, in which a mass advertisement is the only way to obtain information.

Marketing Goals at Each Phase of AISAS

Let us think about the marketing on the Web to consider processes we should execute at each phase of AISAS.


The marketing goal in Attention phase is, for instance, to improve the consumers' awareness of a product. To achieve this goal, we need to provide the target market with information. The concrete processes are shown below.

  • Press-release process
  • Advertising process
  • SEO process

KPI to measure the techniques at Attention phase includes the number of PVs, the number of times an advertisement is displayed, a ranking in a search result with a certain keyword, and so on.


The marketing goal in Interest phase is to grow consumers' evaluation about a product. The concrete business process is, for example:

  • Enhancement of contents on HP

We can use a ranking of contents etc. as KPI.


What is a Influencer?
An influencer is an information source that has a significant impact, such as famous bloggers, etc.

The marketing goal in Search phase is to obtain good feedback about a product from consumers. The concrete processes include the followings.

  • Q&A site operation process
  • Review site operation process

KPI is, for example, the number of reviews submitted.


The marketing goal in Action phase is to provide consumers with opportunities to purchase products. The concrete processes are, for instance:

  • Payment-method diversification process
  • Campaign execution process
  • Point system introduction process

KPI can be the number of payment methods, the number of executed campaigns, and so on.


The marketing goal in Share phase is to encourage consumers to transmit high-quality information about a product. The concrete process includes:

  • Process to transmit information for influencers

We can use the number of PVs as KPI.

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